December 29, 2020 Mana Gloom has been released on Steam for Windows desktop PCs.

Take part in this mana infused action RPG as you blast through hundreds of corrupted minions. Cleanse the Mana Gloom and be celebrated as the champion of the lands.

Engage in intricate boss fights with defenders of the Gloom. Explore several levels, while battling numerous skeletons, ratkin, and other corrupted minions in this fast-paced action RPG.

Game play screenshot

Mana Gloom is a top-down, click-to-move, aim-and-cast action RPG. Start your adventure as a mage that has not yet succumbed to the Gloom that diseases the mana streams. You are the last hope of the people, and you must push back the tainted creatures and purge the Mana Gloom once and for all.

As a solo developer, this game is a work of passion on a limited budget with restrictive hours. With that said, I have poured many nights and weekends into this game. I enjoy playing it myself, so I hope you enjoy it as well.

My goal has been to build a well rounded title for you. With this going live, my next goal is to iterate on it and grow the content. Please keep in mind when purchasing that the current length of game play is only a couple hours.

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